Built through three generations, GP Shutters is a company of carpenters and painters with extensive experience crafting solid wood window treatments with a specialized focus on plantation shutters.

For over thirty-five years, our family-owned small business has been revered as builders of the highest-quality plantation shutter, ensuring each customer project is executed with an emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

With a portfolio of nearly 10,000 window treatment projects, the trained team at GP Shutters has perfected the home-shuttering process from precise measuring and polished production to professional installation.

George Hays

Measuring | Specialty Shutters

With over 70 years of carpentry experience, George has immeasurable knowledge that is focused on creating special solutions for complex projects.

Phil Hays

Measuring | Customer Service | Shutter Production | Installation

After learning construction from the ground up, Phil has been honing his carpentry skills for over 40 years and uses his acute attention to detail to ensure a high-quality product is produced on time, every time.

Payden Hays

Measuring | Shutter Production | Installation

Representing the third generation in the GP Shutters family, Payden has been practicing carpentry for over 15 years and continues to cultivate his craft.

Sherri Hays

Office Management | Customer Service




Painting | Staining


Shutter Production


Marketing | Sanding

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