Tailored Sliding Door Window Treatments

Hardwood plantation shutters are an elegant and efficient window treatment option for sliding glass doors. To address privacy, light control, and insulation issues without sacrificing exterior view, door access, and overall home aesthetics, we build our sliding glass door shutters in two styles.

Bi-Fold Slider Shutters – Four Panels

This style of slider shutters features four narrow shutter panels total–two panels hinged vertically that open to the right, and two panels hinged vertically that open to the left allowing clear access to the sliding glass door.

Important to Note: In order for this style to work, your sliding glass door needs wall space on either side of the windows for the shutters to fully open and allow the door to be accessible. During your in-home estimate appointment, our carpenters can determine if this style is right for your space.

By-Pass Slider Shutters – Two Panel

This style of slider shutters features two shutter panels total which sit on a sliding track and move back and forth to allow access to the door.

Important to Note: With this style, it is important to remember that one of your slider’s window panels will be covered at all times in the traditional configuration of these shutters. If the wall your sliding glass door is situated on has enough space for the panels to continue sliding, allowing clear access to both glass panels of your slider, that option can be discussed with one of our carpenters at your in-home estimate.

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