Shutters for Unique Shaped Windows

Because GP Shutters carpenters craft each shutter by hand, we have solutions for all windows and doors including those with a unique size and shape. Your custom-built shutters can be made for:

• French doors
• Sliding glass doors
• Side lights
• Skylights
• Round or curved windows
• Motorhomes and campers

Archtop Shutters

Archtop shutters perfectly complement your arched windows, giving you complete coverage while optimizing window accessibility. Depending on the radius of the arch, most shutters can be built in either the verticle blade (sunburst) or horizontal blade styles.

Solid Panel Shutters

Solid panel shutters feature a solid face, giving you complete privacy and reducing noise, heat, cold, and light from outside. To open and close these shutters, simply pull the face from the magnetic closure affixed to your window.

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